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Lawrence Migdal Photography Tel:510.482-4422 Fa:510.482-4423 Welcome to my website, your gateway to more than 50,000 photo images ready for licensing. Whatever your photographic needs, you are sure to find the right solution in my diverse collection, built over the past 15 years.

This website and photo list include only a small sampling of available images. If you can't find what you're looking for here, send a photo query describing the type of image sought. I respond to e-mail questions within one business day. Most images are 35-mm color transparencies and are available for immediate licensing. To receive a copy of my full-color catalog and brochure containing more than 400 images, just complete the online catalog request form.

Each month, I update this website with exciting new images and information. Whenever you need a creative boost, or need a photographic image on deadline, please drop by again.

Note: The images featured here are registered with the United States Copyright Office , and each image is electronically encrypted with my copyright notice. Images may be used for reference purposes only . Please contact me to arrange for all other uses.

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